iPhone 14 Back Glass Replacement

৳ 4,500

Costs can vary with device condition

  • Caution maintained older back glass removing
  • Precisely installing newer back glass
  • Apple logo and back design will just as before
  • Cracks or scratches won’t be there anymore
  • Expert Technician’s Observation
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At Apple Gadgets Care, we specialize in meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring your iPhone 14 remains in peak condition. Our Back Glass Replacement service offers a swift and precise solution to address any cracks or damage, seamlessly restoring the sleek aesthetic of your device. Our skilled technicians prioritize quality, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and genuine Apple components to deliver a flawless finish.

Possible issues and Specific Reasons

Issues Possible Reasons
Scratch signs on your iPhone 14’s back glass Due to day to day life hassles with your device, while traveling or coins in pocket can lead to unwanted scratches, which can be resolved with a back glass replacement
iPhone 14 shows crack marks or long tear from corner A sudden drop on a concrete or solid area can lead to long cracks from the corners, which looks pretty awkward for your device.
Discoloration or fading of iPhone 14’s back glass  A chemical reaction or excessive temperature can discolor the back glass of your device. Changing the back glass would be ideal.
Multiple Shattered marks on your iPhone 14 Heavy drop or multiple accidental damage can lead to shattered glass of your device which can be dangerous to cuts and hurt you further. Replacing the back glass is idea during this time
External marks and smudges from unwanted materials Due to unavoidable cosmetics signs, oil, ketchup and even poor case installation can damage or discolor your back glass of your iPhone 14. Taking a replacement for your back glass would be ideal to give a brand new look for your device.

What is the iPhone 14 Back Glass Price in Bangladesh?

The iPhone 14 Back Glass Price in Bangladesh starts from 4,500 taka. You can order iPhone 14 Back Glass from our website to get the best price in Bangladesh. You can also visit our showrooms to buy this authentic and reliable product.


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