Upper Glass Replacement for Apple Watch Series 4

৳ 5,000

Costs can vary with device condition

  • Genuine upper glass will be installed
  • Caution removal of previous dented upper glass
  • Precise installing of new upper glass
  • No gum or glue will be visible after replacement 
  • Replaced upper glass will function properly
  • Expert Technician’ Observation
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Elevate your Apple Watch Series 4 experience with our specialized Upper Glass Replacement service at Apple Gadgets Care. Our dedicated team of skilled technicians understands the importance of a pristine display. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches or cracks on your Apple Watch, as we seamlessly restore its upper glass, ensuring a crystal-clear and flawless surface. Trust in our expertise to deliver meticulous repairs, preserving the sleek design and functionality of your device. At Apple Gadgets Care, we go beyond fixing screens – we rejuvenate your Apple Watch, bringing back its original charm and ensuring you stay connected in style.

Possible Issues and Specific Reasons

Upper Replacement For Apple Watch Series 4Possible Reasons
Apple Watch’s upper glass dented from dropped A heavy drop on a solid object can lead to dents for the upper material of your Apple Watch Series 4. To get a new look, taking a upper glass replacement is advisable 
Scratches on Apple Watch’s upper glassDue to adventure rides and everyday wearable outside, your Apple watch Series 4 might get scratched. And heavy scratches can create problems when viewing the content of the watch.
Upper glass of Apple watch is loosenedWith a heavy water pressure your upper glass of Apple watch Series 4 can get loosened which can let the water enter easily and even damage the whole motherboard. Getting an upper glass replacement is crucial during this time.
Apple Watch’s upper glass damaged by high temperatureAny glass is vulnerable to high temperatures such as fire & toxic chemicals, which can damage and even leave burn marks on your upper glass.

Why Choose Us:

Certified Technicians: Our technicians are certified and have extensive experience with Apple devices, ensuring the highest level of expertise.

Quick Turnaround: We understand the importance of your Apple Watch Series 4 in your daily life. That’s why we offer fast and efficient service to get your device back to you as soon as possible.

Warranty: We stand behind our work with a warranty on parts and labor, providing you with peace of mind.

Customer Reviews: Our satisfied customers can attest to our reliable service and attention to detail.

Convenient Location: You can find us at Eastern Plaza Shopping Complex, making it easy for you to drop off your device.

Booking Process:

Scheduling your “upper glass replacement of Apple Watch Series 4” is easy. You can book an appointment directly through our website, call us at [ 09678149149 ], or visit our [Eastern Plaza Shopping Complex, 4th Floor, Shop-5/87, Dhaka ] for in-person assistance.


Q1: “Can you fix my Apple Watch’s Upper Replacement if it doesn’t work or show dent on top?

A: Yes, our technicians specialize in diagnosing and repairing Apple Watches with Upper Replacement, even if it won’t turn on.

Q2: “Is my data safe during the repair process?”

A: We take every precaution to protect your data. However, it’s recommended to back up your device before bringing it in for repair.


Choose Apple Gadgets Care to resolve the Upper Replacement on your Apple Watch Series 4. Our expert technicians, genuine parts, and commitment to quality make us the go-to choice. 

Contact us today to book your repair or to discuss any concerns about your Apple Watch’s Upper Replacement.

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